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About Us.

We are a startup dedicated to verifying cloned or hacked credit and debit cards in Latin and North America and a part of Europe. We’ve developed algorithms specialized in early detection of cards that have been cloned or duplicated.

Technical support

At waiapay, we provide a promptly and convenient assistance service to solve any doubts through a chat bot, with the purpose of giving our customers the best technical and commercial help, refereeing them to our experts. You can contact us by call, email or whatsapp.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team is highly competent, with diverse professions, experts on security and technology for fraud prevention, innovating day after day in new technologies to make our services better thus being able to reduce and even prevent fraud, with our service API Waiapay.

Satisfied Clients

At Waiapay we work to safeguard every cardholder, fintech and financial corporation, implementing our very own system companies will have the backing and support they need to fight online fraud, preventing them from processing payments made with hacked or cloned cards.

Why are we special?

About Us

Global database

One of our most relevant assets is a global database that helps us verify the cards that are at risk and the ones that have already been cloned.

Online payment safety

We verify credit and debit card payments, with our API that checks if the card is in our global black list, blocking the payment if the card is found to be compromised.

Email alert

Our alert system works not just for the companies using our services, but also for cardholders that have registered freely to verify their cards.


Our API, will enable you to check for cloned or hacked cards that are included in our global database, this way we can ensure that those cards will not be used by unauthorized people. Waiapay has a powerful algorithm that detects cards that have been compromised and puts them in a black list.

Cardholder’s peace of mind

Any person who owns a debit or credit card of any country is known as a cardholder, waiapay lets them check their card status in our global black list database for just $1 USD. At Waiapay, information safety is a priority; we will never reveal any sensible data like codes, pam, ccv or complete card numbers.

Online Support

Our chat bot is available for any inquiries concerning our services. However, companies or startups looking for more personalized information can contact us directly by email, set an appointment, ask for our portfolio and Waiapay terms and conditions.


We are the perfect ally for your company. Our system is at your service, providing you with an API system that enables you to validate in real time any credit or debit card payment verifying it in our black list. Our database updates itself everyday thanks to its specialized algorithm based on machine and deep learning. Thousands and thousands of cards in different countries are put at risk and a big part of them are identified on time allowing us to add them to the black list database.


Our panel will allow you to keep a graphic control of every verified and blocked transaction for every card found in the black list; you could also see the amount of unauthorized transactions charged to your card, waiapay offer a special system for your company to verified your information on real time.

Certificate or Waiapay stamp

When you acquire the Waiapay services you will generate a link with our companies stamp. That stamp indicates that you have partnered up with us and more importantly, it indicates that you are protecting your client’s financial information by verifying that every received transaction wasn’t generated with a cloned or hacked card.


Our system will verify any card from any franchise like VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, DINERS, DISCOVER, JVC. Our database contains even compromised card from different countries, giving our clients the ability to detect even fraudulent charges made with foreign cards remember that your company is very important.

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Common Questions

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Can I integrate an API to my company?
Yes you do! You can integrate our verification or black list API to your company, you just need meet the requirements that will prove us that your company is legal and that you work with financial products or that you process online payments like Fintech, payment gateways, NEO banks, payments, crowdfunding, insurance, trading and e-commerce in general.
Our specialized algorithm detects a vast quantity of compromised cards and puts them in a black list which can be verify with our API by the companies that have our service. Our service verifies in real time and emits an alert preventing the payment from the cloned or hacked card to be processed.
No, this service is only for institutional clients that can demonstrate they belong to the financial sector. Normal cardholders can register in our basic plan where for $1 USD they can verify whether their card is at risk and will receive an email alert with the search result. Waiapay will never ask for financial information like complete card numbers, pin or pam, pins or security codes.
It is important to know that unused searches do not roll over to the next billing period. We offer standard plans to meet your company’s needs or a number of monthly transactions.
Can I trust the information I get from Waiapay?
Yes, you can trust our system; Waiapay has a global database where you can verify if your credit or debit card has been compromised. Our powerful algorithms work day and night, 24/7 to keep the information updated. Waipay doesn’t guaranteed your card to be in our black list since there are a lot of different ways to obtain card information, nonetheless, we detect hundreds and hundreds of compromised cards every week, hence we are helping reduce a high percentage of credit and debit card fraud.
This cards information is stored in our database which has all the necessary security standards, these cards are then put on a black list that is available to financial institutions or any company processing online payments. These institutions have the possibility to validate payment thought the system so they can help prevent fraud as well.
You should immediately contact your bank, let them know of the situation and ask for your card to be blocked. Also remind yourself to always take be cautious, don’t give others access to your card, use it only in authorized places, check if the web has security codes SSL or PCI DSS rules, never give financial information over the phone, emails or in chats.
We are not an insurance company; we are a startup focused on debit and credit card fraud prevention. We provide our services to financial institutions, Fintech and Ecommerce companies in general. We do not offer any type on insurance. What we do offer is a verification method for companies and cardholders.

API for your company

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Our Prices

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Personal Plan

$1 USD Query


  • Register
  • 1 Card verification
  • E-mail Alert
  • Unlimited query
  • API
  • Admin Panel
API plan 1
Basic Plan

$125 USD

Basic Package

  • Register
  • 1 to 2500 T/S
  • Early Alerts
  • API Black list
  • Waiapay Certificate
  • Admin Panel
API plan 2
Medium Plan

$279 USD

Medium Package

  • Register
  • 1 to 10000 T/S
  • Early Alerts
  • API Black list
  • Waiapay Certificate
  • Admin Panel
API plan 3
Gold Plan

$399 USD

Gold Package

  • Register
  • 1 to 25000 T/S
  • Early Alerts
  • API Black list
  • Waiapay Certificate
  • Admin Panel
API plan 4
Special Plan

$599 USD

Special Package

  • Register
  • 1 to 70000 T/S
  • Early Alerts
  • API Black list
  • Waiapay Cerificate
  • Admin Panel
API black List
Only Plan

$1500 USD

Only Package

  • Register
  • Unlimited T/S
  • Early Alerts
  • API Black list
  • Waiapay Certificate
  • Admin Panel

Private Cards

We offer a special software for your payments company.

Our Company has an API for your system, you can verify transactions when your clients pay with credit and debit card, Don't lose money, detect cloned or hacked credit and debit cards around the world.


  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • JCB

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